Bosch vs Gree

The idea for writing an article pitting Bosch vs Gree was born when one of our clients posed the question. If you’re not a regular reader of our blog, you may not know Magic Touch Mechanical carries many brands. Our sales philosophy is simple, “give clients options not ultimatums.” We show our clients all the […]

Bosch Light Heat Pump NEW 2021

I had to exercise patience for several months before sharing information about the new Bosch Light Heat Pump – the game-changer! Well, the wait is over. Not only can I share why I was excited for the Bosch Light to arrive – we have them in stock!   Bosch Light Heat Pump – Advanced Technology […]

Bosch Air Conditioners 2021

If you’re in the market for a new HVAC System in Arizona, you’ve most likely been hearing the name Bosch. In this article, Bosch Air Conditioners 2021, we’ll review the brands entire IDS (Inverter Ducted Split) lineup (variable speed split systems). We’ll also touch on their inverter driven package heat pump – the only variable […]

Bosch Heat Pump Review

It’s been 3 years since Magic Touch Mechanical installed the first Bosch Inverter Driven (Variable Speed) Unit in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve written several Bosch heat pump reviews since then on the Bosch 1.0, Bosch 2.0 and the packaged heat pump. However, we thought we’d see how the first one we installed is doing 3-years later […]

Bosch 1.0 vs Bosch 2.0

There’s no question that variable speed heat pumps are outselling single-speed and two-stage heat pumps in recent years. Bosch variable speed heat pumps are competitively priced and are one of the best valued brands on the market today. In this article we compare Bosch 1.0 vs Bosch 2.0 and clear up some confusion about the […]

Bosch Packaged Heat Pump

Before the Bosch Packaged Heat Pump came along, the best technology available in a rooftop packaged AC was 2-Stage. While companies like Trane, Lennox and Carrier have had 2-Stage packaged units for years, none have a variable speed option. That all changed with the introduction of the Variable Speed Bosch Packaged Heat Pump. What’s the […]

Bosch Air Conditioner Review

      I gave it over a year before deciding it was time to write my Bosch air conditioner review. As always, we spent a heck of a lot of time vetting Bosch air conditioners before giving them a shot. Since then, we’ve installed well over a hundred Bosch variable speed heat pumps in […]