Water Leaks – Pipe on Side of House

Water Leaking from a Pipe on Side of House – What Is It?     There’s water leaking from a pipe on the side of my house. Should, I call a plumber or an air conditioning company? As the owner of an air conditioning company in Mesa / Phoenix, AZ., I hear this question a […]

Air Conditioner Wet Switch Saves Day!

Magic Touch Mechanical includes an air conditioner wet switch in every applicable HVAC install we complete. Also known as an emergency drain switch or condensate drain switch, these little devices are worth every penny.   This Air Conditioner Wet Switch Alerted Me of a Roof Leak Call it luck, call it good karma coming back; […]

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

If you’re searching why is my air conditioner leaking water, I assume you have a problem happening right now. If so, let’s deal with that first and then we’ll cover why it’s happening.   What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water Right Now Turn your thermostat to the OFF position. If equipped, […]