Lennox XC25 vs Trane XV20i / American Standard Platinum 20

Compare the Lennox XC25 vs Trane XV20i / American Standard Platinum 20 In today’s product comparison we do a side by side comparison of the Lennox XC25 vs Trane XV20i air conditioners. NOTE: For all intents and purposes the American Standard Platinum 20 is the same as the Trane. (See Trane vs American Standard) It […]

Variable Speed Air Conditioner vs Two-Stage vs Single Speed

Variable Speed Air Conditioner vs Two-Stage vs Single Speed is the third article in the series on the subject of: What are the differences between the major air conditioners and brands? Clearly there are a lot of people researching the difference in central air conditioners before replacing or installing new HVAC systems in their home, so […]

Air Conditioning Repair Companies in Phoenix

Mesa, AZ based air conditioning repair company, Magic Touch Mechanical is in the news again! Recently, Magic Touch president, Rich Morgan, sat down with the Arizona Tribune alongside a few other Phoenix contractors to discuss the record-breaking heat the summer of 2016 has reigned down on Valley residents so far and what that has meant […]

As Seen On Bar Rescue

When Magic Touch Mechanical co-owner, Michele Morgan got the call from the producer of the Spike TV hit show, Bar Rescue, asking if we could send an HVAC/R technician to repair the walk-in beer cooler at the new Brick & Barley, (formerly Baseline Sports Pub) Tempe, AZ., she jumped at the opportunity to be a part […]

Can the Summer Heat Lead to Damage to My AC?

Summers in Phoenix are among some of the hottest in the country. You can expect your air conditioning system to put in plenty of work over the season to maintain a comfortable indoors.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Contractor

Although it is important in almost any part of the country to choose a quality licensed air conditioning contractor to take care of a home’s cooling needs, it is vital in Phoenix. Summer temperatures here regularly crest above 110°F, and 90°F is considered a cool day!

Is the “Hot Room” in My House an AC Problem? Or Something Else?

When the heat ramps up in Phoenix, it means business. Unless you’ve got a working air conditioning system in your home, you’ll be dealing with conditions that are… well, unbearable really isn’t an exaggeration, is it? Not when the outdoor thermometers are registering heat above 110°F!