Early Cooling Season and Air Conditioning Repairs

The hot weather is already here in Phoenix, and your air conditioner is probably hard at work keeping your family comfortable during the day and sometimes into the night. We hope that you’ve already had your annual inspection and tune-up for your cooling system.

5 Ways to Reduce Energy Waste

Today being Earth Day, we thought we would share a few ways you can help Mother Earth and your wallet at the same time. Magic Touch Mechanical has been installing energy efficient central air conditioners and heating systems in the Phoenix, AZ area for almost twenty years now, but what you may not know is […]

Why You Should Schedule Regular Duct Testing and Sealing

If you’ve noticed that your home’s HVAC system, both the heater and the air conditioner, are costing much more to run than before, one of the likely causes is a loss of integrity inside the ducts of the ventilation system. When you’re suspicious of leaky air ducts, you should arrange for duct testing services from HVAC professionals, who will then find out if you need to have the ducts sealed to restore their air tightness.

Should I Have Solar Shade Screens Installed?

Arizona residents are no strangers to the heat of summer. In addition to ensuring you’re well equipped with a high-efficiency, functioning air conditioner, you likely are looking for ways to save even more energy and thus save money.