Early Cooling Season and Air Conditioning Repairs

The hot weather is already here in Phoenix, and your air conditioner is probably hard at work keeping your family comfortable during the day and sometimes into the night. We hope that you’ve already had your annual inspection and tune-up for your cooling system. (If you haven’t, contact us right away to sign up for our maintenance program.)

But even the finest planning with regular maintenance can’t prevent all air conditioning problems. During this early part of the hot season—before temperatures reach their scorching peak in July—make sure that you keep a sharp look for the early signs of malfunctions in your AC that indicate you should call HVAC professionals for repairs. The faster you move, the easier the repairs will be to make.

Recharging air conditioning refrigerant

A common issue with air conditioners is leaks opening up along the copper refrigerant lines that allow the gaseous refrigerant to escape. Any loss of refrigerant will cause the AC to start to lose cooling power, and it will eventually inflict damage to the compressor because of the change of pressure in the system. If you see ice along the indoor coil or hear a hissing sound from the cabinet, call for repairs right away. The technicians will seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant.

Cleaning the outdoor coils

Dust and debris can easily enter the outdoor coil, and this will cause the system to lose efficiency as the grime collects and makes it harder for the AC to release heat to the outdoors. You must have professionals handle the cleaning job, since it requires detaching the coil and using special techniques that won’t damage it.

Replacing motors

The motors suffer from a high amount of mechanical stress when an AC is running, and it’s not unheard of for one of the motors to burn out during the intense heat—even if the motor received special attention during maintenance. As soon as you hear mechanical shrieking or grinding noises from either air conditioner cabinet, get on the line with repair technicians to have the motor replaced.

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