What’s the Best Air Conditioner for a Garage?

Installing an Air Conditioner in Your Garage? Here are Your Options and Approximate Costs My two-car garage has everything but a car in it. That’s because I spend a lot of time in my garage working on my motorcycles and various home improvement projects. I would say my garage looks like what would happen if […]

What is the Best Brand Air Conditioner?

What is the Best New AC Unit Money Can Buy 2018? I serve on a few Advisory Boards and am a regular contributor to a few HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) Industry news publications. A few months ago, a writer for one of these publications contacted me about a story she was writing about […]

Why is SRP giving a rebate for getting an AC tune up?

Utility Company Rebates for Air Conditioners – What’s the Rub? I’ve met people that generally loathe the local their power company. After all, these are the same companies that charge us thousands of dollars per year to keep the lights on, run our air conditioners, and wash our clothes on a daily basis, and most […]

Variable Speed AC Worth The Money?

The Truth About Variable Speed Air Conditioners I have a bone to pick with some of the AC Companies in Phoenix! I’ve now heard more than a few homeowners my company, Magic Touch Mechanical, has visited with, tell us that another Arizona HVAC company advised them that; “variable speed air conditioners are not worth the […]

29.95 AC Tuneup APS / SRP Customers

APS / SRP 20-point AC checkup only $29.95  DEAL EXPIRED 3/15/18. See all current promotions.  Magic Touch Mechanical is a SRP & APS Certified Contractor and are offering this special pre-season reduced price to all new and existing customers. You save $50.00 off our our regular price of $79.95! We will perform an in-depth inspection […]