Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Something I Really Need to Do?

The clothes dryer in your home must exhaust heat and moisture through a hose out its back and to a vent that opens on the outside. You probably don’t give this ventilation system much thought on a regular basis, but ignoring it can lead to serious problems—and not just to how efficiently your clothes get dry.

Spring Repairs Your Air Conditioning System May Need

The summer heat arrives long before the summer itself does in Phoenix. You probably have already had your air conditioning system running to keep your home cooled down. To make sure that the AC continues to run and is ready for the even more intense heat of the summer, keep a close watch for any warning signs of malfunctions.

Reasons That a Pool Heat Pump May Be Right for You

If you have a swimming pool for your home in Phoenix, AZ, you can enjoy warm temperatures from it during much of the year thanks to the radiant heat from the sun itself. But a luxury like a pool is something you should enjoy throughout the year, as well as during warm nights when the sun isn’t around to heat up the pool to comfortable levels. With a pool heater installed, you will always have your swimming pool at a relaxing temperature.