AC Repair and Maintenance Costs

When it comes to air conditioning & heating system replacements, Magic Touch offers a multitude of brand and model options. Recently a client was stuck trying to figure out which one was best for her and comparing cost to own. She asked about AC repair and maintenance costs, wondering if one brand was more expensive […]

Trane vs Bosch Heat Pumps

As Magic Touch Mechanical sells both brands, we compare Trane vs Bosch heat pumps every day with Phoenix, AZ homeowners. I don’t own stock in either company, so my philosophy is; may the best brand win at the kitchen table. As we recommend, sell & install both brands and all models discussed in this article, […]

Lennox and Trane Parts

  I’m writing Lennox and Trane Parts to dispel a myth. Well, in reality it’s not so much a myth as much as it’s a lie you may have been told. Before I go any further, if you’re searching for Lennox and Trane parts for sale, you won’t find them here. Magic Touch Mechanical does […]