AC Unit Prices by Phone

Getting new AC unit prices by phone, online chat and E-mail is a very common request. We receive several daily from both Arizona homeowners and our blog readers from all over the world. I’m betting every air conditioning company in Phoenix would agree it’s a challenge to “do the right thing” with this request. Most […]

COVID-19 Creates Air Conditioner Shortages

No thanks to COVID-19 for creating air conditioner shortages in Phoenix and other parts of the nation! Back in January of this year, we published an article dispelling a “salesman myth” about A/C parts being hard to get from certain manufacturers. The article described the practice of salesman using scare tactics to push people away […]

Does Air Conditioning Spread Coronavirus?

  Does air conditioning spread Coronavirus? This question keeps popping up on social media channels and local news stories. While I’m no medical expert, I am an expert on both air conditioning and indoor air quality. That expertise allows me to answer this question with a definitive, yes…with a caveat. The caveat being, whether or […]