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new ac unit prices by phoneGetting new AC unit prices by phone, online chat and E-mail is a very common request. We receive several daily from both Arizona homeowners and our blog readers from all over the world. I’m betting every air conditioning company in Phoenix would agree it’s a challenge to “do the right thing” with this request.

Most business owners would love to get a lot of inquiries about the cost of their product or service. After all, how can you sell your goods and expertise without having people interested in your company and what you offer? However, experienced HVAC Contractors like myself know giving AC unit prices by phone is a “misdiagnosis” right off the bat. We have to balance our company’s bottom line with our business ethics and customer service. There is such a thing as customer “disservice” and in my book, giving AC unit prices by phone is just that.


AC Unit Prices by Phone – Misdiagnosis?

Imagine you called a doctor you’ve never seen before who doesn’t know you or your medical history. You describe your symptoms, your age, height, weight, etc. and he or she says; “Sounds like (blank), you’ll be fine.” Or worse, he or she prescribes a medication, based on a guess, with no physical exam, tests, bloodwork or anything. That would be the very definition of malpractice wouldn’t it?

Let’s assume in that same scenario, the misdiagnosis doesn’t lead to any serious issues. However, you actually have another problem you weren’t even aware of and it worsens because you didn’t “catch it early enough”. Had you been examined, gotten those tests, etc., that doctor may have caught that problem early enough to help you.

Granted, the malpractice scenario above is far more serious than any HVAC problem your home’s likely to have. However, my point remains the same; prescription without evaluation and diagnosis is malpractice. The bottom line is AC unit prices by phone are the same as a misdiagnosis.


90% Of Air Conditioners Are Installed WRONG!

You didn’t misread the title of this paragraph. Multiple studies conducted by the Department of Energy and other 3rdparty organizations concluded 90% of AC’s tested were installed WRONG. Yes, I yelled that in all caps – it’s an embarrassment to my profession and shouldn’t happen. With proper evaluation, calculations, measurements, training and experience there’s no reason every HVAC system can’t be installed to manufacturer specifications.

A complete HVAC system installation can range from $5,000 for the most basic, to upwards of $15,000 for the Rolls-Royce. How furious would you be to find out yours was installed wrong after spending 5, 8, 10 or 15k?

The items listed below summarize some of the major air conditioning installation faults found and reviewed by the U.S. D.O.E.:

  • Duct leakage is the most common source of performance degradation of HVAC systems, with most studies finding 90-100% of systems tested needing sealing or repairs to the supply or return air ducts.
  •  Low airflow is found more than 50% of the time in all regions studied, while high airflow is a problem in 8-15% of systems.
  • Refrigerant charge faults vary by study approach and region, but range between 29-78% undercharge and 4-50% overcharge.
  • The presence of non-condensables in refrigerant lines is a potentially common fault that has not been studied extensively. 



So, why on earth is the HVAC industry getting it wrong 9 out of 10 times?

I already know the reasons as I’ve spent my whole life working in the HVAC business. However, this article isn’t about disparaging other companies or how they do business. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that’s not my style anyway.

Let’s just say I only consider 10% of the HVAC companies in Magic Touch’s service area our “competition.” In fact, most of us know each other because we travel in the same circles. Our technicians and installers receive the same training, we offer the same guarantees, etc. There’s also another common denominator amongst us – none give AC unit prices by phone!

Sure, we’ll all give you a “ballpark” range, after all, we worked hard to get you to call us in the first place. Heck, I post an updated article every January with ballpark prices for every type of system. You can’t buy it if we don’t give you a price. But we also know $5-15k is a really large ballpark…like Chase Field large! Even if we knew the exact brand, model, and every detail – we still don’t have all the information needed to make sure you wind up in the 10% group.

Bottom line: If you’re calling around for AC unit prices by phone, you have a 90% chance of getting it wrong. I know sitting down with an HVAC Sales Consultant isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time – I do it daily! What it is, however, is time well spent assuring you get what you pay for. A consultation will take an hour or two of your life – for a decision that lasts 12-15 years!


Getting AC Unit Prices During COVID-19

covid-19A lot has changed in 2020, the idea of getting AC unit prices by phone now sounds even more appealing. As I write this, we are still very much in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Everything we do requires extra steps and precautions. It’s easy to understand why some would be reluctant to invite a consultant into their home. Just like you, we have families, babies, elderly parents and children so we’re protecting ourselves as well as you with our COVID-19 Policy.

We’re wearing fresh masks, gloves and even shoe covers when we visit with clients. We’re social distancing, washing, sanitizing, and “air shaking” instead of hand shaking. Just as we need to protect ourselves from getting ill, we need to protect our wallets and pocketbooks from illness! Do yourself a favor and invest the time in meeting with one of the 10% so you too are one of the 10%.


Schedule a free home evaluation and quote today, we’ll make sure you’re one of the 10% whose new HVAC System’s is install Better Than It Has To Be!



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