3 Reasons to Have a Ductless Air Conditioning System Installed

The conventional central air conditioning system for a home uses a network of ducts to distribute cooled air. An outdoor cabinet is responsible for exhausting heat removed from the inside, and an indoor cabinet sends the cooled air into the ventilation system with a blower fan.

Why Your Air Conditioning System Is Leaking Water

If you’re reading this post, the reason is probably that you’ve notice water drips or a pool of water around the indoor unit of your air conditioning system. You’re certain that it doesn’t look right, but you aren’t sure exactly why this is happening or if there is anything that you can do about it.

You May Be Driving Up Your Air Conditioning Costs and Not Realize It!

Phoenix, AZ has warm weather around the year, but during the summer the temperatures can turn especially brutal. Air conditioning systems all over the city will work steadily to make sure people stay cool. All that electricity sent to the air conditioners will have a significant effect on utility bills.