3 Reasons to Have a Ductless Air Conditioning System Installed

The conventional central air conditioning system for a home uses a network of ducts to distribute cooled air. An outdoor cabinet is responsible for exhausting heat removed from the inside, and an indoor cabinet sends the cooled air into the ventilation system with a blower fan.

Homes don’t need to have ductwork in order to enjoy central heating, however. A ductless mini split system provides cooling by using multiple smaller indoor units. These mini air handlers are mounted on the walls of rooms and connect to the single outdoor unit through refrigerant and power lines. The air handlers contain a refrigerant coil and fan that sends cooled air straight into the rooms.

ductless-air-conditionerWhy consider a ductless mini split for your air conditioning installation? Here are 3 reasons:

1. Construction and remodeling flexibility

Ductless ACs are ideal for new home construction and remodeling because they remove having to worry about leaving space for ductwork. It’s much easier to design a home or a room if you don’t have to consider where to fit the ducts.

2. Energy efficiency

One of the big selling points of ductless ACs is that they are more energy efficient than conventional systems. For one thing, they require less powerful motors and fans to operate. For another, they don’t suffer from heat entering through the ducts and forcing the air conditioner to work longer to overcome it. They also won’t lose cooled air through holes that might open up in the ductwork.

3. Zone control

A standard forced-air cooling system heats up every room connected to the ducts each time it comes on, even if the room is empty. With a ductless mini split, each air handler can be controlled separately, giving you “zone control” in your home. You only need to cool down the rooms that need it, and people can adjust the temperature in their individual zone to suit their tastes.

More Information:

While these systems look simple in nature as compared to a ducted central air conditioning and heating system, they are anything but, and utilize some very advanced technology…hence why they are so much more efficient than most other types of HVAC units on the market today. It is very important that these units are installed by a licensed HVAC professional to make sure they work flawlessly for years to come.

Resist the temptation to purchase a unit like this online as we have seen too many unsuspecting homeowners get dooped only to find out that their unit is then not covered by the manufacturers warranty. There are many Chinese manufacturers making “look alike” mini-split ductless heat pumps and air conditioners that are very low quality and replacement parts, while promised on these websites, cannot be obtained.

Magic Touch Mechanical has been installing these units for the past seventeen years and have installed hundreds, possibly even thousands of them in clients homes throughout the Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler area. We prefer the Mitsubishi Ductless and Samsung Ductless products over others as they have proven to be the most reliable products we have found.

Warranty Information:

The best warranty being offered from any of the ductless manufacturers comes from Mitsubishi Ductless. When installed by a Mitsubishi “Diamond Dealer” like Magic Touch Mechanical, all parts, coils and compressors are covered by a twelve year warranty!

Curious about ductless air conditioning? Call Magic Touch Mechanical and have all your questions answered. We serve Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas.