Will a Heat Pump Work in My Area?

Heat pumps are ideal for regions that experience hot summers and mild winters. Although heat pump technology is getting better all the time, making heat pumps more reliable in extremely cold climates, they were always best suited for our type of climate.

Can Bad Ductwork Design Lower My Home’s Air Quality?

One of the biggest negative consequences is how much bad ductwork wastes power. However, we’ll talk about that more in another post, because right now we want to look at the serious problems that bad, leaky ductwork has on your indoor air quality.

Building Automation, Smart Homes, and Energy Management Systems

What is a smart building, and how can you benefit from building automation? As “smart” technology advances and device connectivity improves, people are becoming more familiar with the term “smart home”. A smart home or smart building is the practice of using connected devices to control home air conditioning and heating thermostats, lighting, garage door […]

Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Necessary?

Let us assure you, dryer vent cleaning is not a luxury service. And it’s not only about seeing that your clothes dryer works efficiently and gets your clothes fully dry on each load. This is a vital service for protecting your home.

What Air Filter Do I Need for a Superb HVAC System?

“What kind of replacement air filter should I get?” If you’ve gone to a home supply store to look over the filters on sale, you’ll find a wide variety available. How can you tell which one to use?