Trane vs Lennox vs Carrier vs Goodman

Back in 2012, we posted an article called Trane vs. American Standard, What is the Difference? If you’d like to read that article, it can be found here. That post remains one of the most popular articles on our blog and we receive daily inquiries on this subject, so we thought it would be good […]

Does the Location of a Thermostat Make a Difference?

It’s easy to understand why a thermostat is such an essential part of home’s comfort system. After all, how else can you communicate with your air conditioner or heater and set it to match your family’s needs? But because thermostats are designed as small and unobtrusive parts of a home’s interior décor (they aren’t painted flashy gold or with bright primary colors), it’s also easy for people to underestimate their importance.

How Dirty Evaporator and Condenser Coils Affect Your AC

It feels as if the summer weather has already arrived here in Phoenix—but of course, it’s really only just getting started! You’ve certainly been relying on your home’s air conditioning system already, and you need to make sure that you watch carefully for any signs that it’s malfunctioning so you can have repairs done early and reduce the risk of an AC breakdown in the middle of the summer.