Bosch 1.0 vs Bosch 2.0

There’s no question that variable speed heat pumps are outselling single-speed and two-stage heat pumps in recent years. Bosch variable speed heat pumps are competitively priced and are one of the best valued brands on the market today. In this article we compare Bosch 1.0 vs Bosch 2.0 and clear up some confusion about the […]

Businesses Helping Others

They say you learn who your friends are when you need them most. I’ve noticed, you also learn a lot about a company’s culture in times of crisis. I was inspired to write “Businesses Helping Others” during the height of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. It’s interesting to watch the actions and behavior of small and […]

Financing a New Air Conditioning System

  Financing a new air conditioning system makes good sense (and cents) even if your current HVAC system is still operating. New A/C & Heating Systems typically have a very high SIR (Savings to Investment Ratio) on home energy modeling reports. SIR is a metric used in the finance world to rank investments by financial […]