The “System” in AC System?

What makes up the “system” in AC System? I was digging through the crates and found this article I originally wrote 12-years ago in early 2012. I decided to dust it off and repost it as the concepts all hold true today. There’s a reason it’s called an AC system, HVAC system, or air conditioning […]

How Much Does A Ductless AC Cost?

How Much Does a Mini Split Air Conditioner Cost? Since publishing “How Much Does a New AC Unit Cost?”, we’ve received a lot of inquiries from people asking “How much does a ductless ac cost?” and, “How much does a heat pump mini split cost?” I like to use the questions we get a lot […]

What is a White Label Air Conditioner?

If someone asked you what brand air conditioner you had in your home, would you know the answer? What if they asked, “do you own a white label air conditioner?” Even trickier, would you know the answer if someone asked if your air conditioner was “private label”? If you have no idea what a private […]

HVAC Equipment Zoning

Recently a homeowner outside of the Magic Touch Mechanical service area contacted me with questions about HVAC equipment zoning. He wasn’t asking about a true ‘zone system’ (using motorized dampers in the ductwork), his inquiry was about ‘equipment zoning’. HVAC Equipment Zoning vs a Zone System A zone system aka zoning works by sending more […]

Freon Refrigerant Cost & Availability

How much does freon cost per pound? In my 35+ years as an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) Technician, this is a question I’ve answered often. Freon refrigerant cost & availability is changing rapidly in recent years now that production has been banned in the U.S. Now, in 2023, more changes to the refrigerant […]

Mitsubishi vs Fujitsu vs Daikin vs Gree

Ductless Mini-Split Side-By-Side Comparison Mitsubishi vs Fujitsu vs Daikin vs Gree – a 4-way shootout! I initially posted this article in 2017. As we sell 12 competing air conditioner brands, our side-by-side comparison articles often come at the request of our readers. With the explosion in popularity of ductless heat pumps in recent years we […]

Mitsubishi Mini Split Ductless Units

  Magic Touch Mechanical has been using Mitsubishi mini split ductless units to solve uneven room temperatures for over two decades. While the rest of the world embraced ductless technology long ago, homeowners in the US are only now catching up. Mitsubishi Electric, manufacturer of Mitsubishi mini split ductless units has remained the #1 selling […]

Mini Split AC – Make Your House Bigger!

I realize using the words mini & bigger in the same sentence as I did in this title seems contradictory. However, there’s nothing “mini” about the heating & cooling output or power of a Mini Split AC. In fact, common applications for a mini split AC system include, skyscrapers, shopping malls, warehouses and large luxury […]

5 Reasons Ductless AC & Heat is Better

    There are more than 5 reasons ductless AC & Heat is better than a central air system. However, this article might be too long to read if we listed them all. We asked five ductless mini split experts here at Magic Touch Mechanical to choose one, and here’s what they said:     […]