DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

I decided to write DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation after noticing an uptick in a specific install request we’re getting. The request is for a price to install ductless air conditioning from people who plan to purchase the equipment themselves. Let’s face it, we live in an E-commerce world now where nearly anything is for […]

Air Conditioner Drain Leaks

  Air conditioner drain leaks are a fairly common service call we get at Magic Touch Mechanical. These calls always ramp up during monsoon when the humidity in our homes is higher than normal. Unfortunately, most people discover their air conditioner drain leaks when water is already coming through their ceiling! The worse news comes […]

Air Conditioning for Our Pets

    Do people really think about air conditioning for our pets? Let’s start with about 70-billion reasons we think they do…   How Much Do Americans Spend on Our Pets? It’s estimated that Americans spend about 70 billion dollars annually on their pets. I know I contribute a good portion of that to my […]