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Do people really think about air conditioning for our pets? Let’s start with about 70-billion reasons we think they do…


How Much Do Americans Spend on Our Pets?

air conditioning for our pets

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It’s estimated that Americans spend about 70 billion dollars annually on their pets. I know I contribute a good portion of that to my best buddy “Al” who’s spoiled rotten. Our pets are family, so we take good care of them without even thinking of the money we’re spending. However, we can actually save money while providing air conditioning for our pets with a little creativity and planning.


How Much Do Americans Spend on Air Conditioning Electricity?

We all complain about the cost of electricity. Yet we spend less on the power we use to air condition our homes than we do on our pets. A lot less! According to the US Department of Energy, air conditioning electricity costs homeowners around 22 billion dollars each year. When you consider part of our power bill is spent on air conditioning for our pets that $70B is even higher!


Air Conditioning for Our Pets When We’re Not Home

People without pets don’t have to keep their homes as cool when they leave as those of us who do. Unfortunately for pet owners, our electricity costs are higher than people without as a result. Considering most of us aren’t home for 10-hours or more per day, we could reduce cooling costs during these hours. However, we wind up cooling or heating our entire home to make sure our pets are comfortable.


Ductless Mini Splits – Perfect Air Conditioning for Our Pets

Some pets have the “run of the house” while we’re at work, while others may be contained to one area. In either case, a ductless mini split air conditioner or heat pump system provides the answer. We can provide air conditioning for our pets while not having to cool or heat the entire home.

Earlier I mentioned we could save money while providing air conditioning for our pets with a little creativity and planning, here’s what I meant. While my little buddy Al won’t destroy furniture or shoes while I’m out, we have clients whose pets will. They can’t leave them outside for obvious reasons but they hate the idea of leaving them in a crate all day. We’ve completed several ductless heat pump projects with their pets specifically in mind in the design process.

In several cases, the clients used a gate or cages that convert into fences around the doggy door. Their dogs were free to go in and out throughout the day without having access to the rest of the home. We installed a ductless air conditioner specifically for that room and independent of the homes central HVAC system. Now their pets can get out of the heat and into the air conditioning without being caged all day.

In one case, our client had two very large dogs that could easily jump over most gates. The side of his garage was partially adjacent to his backyard. He installed a large doggy door to give them access to the yard, and we installed a ductless air conditioner. Not only are his dogs happy, our customer uses the garage for his hobby room all year long.


How to Have A/C at No Cost

I like to joke around with my customers and show them how to make their ac units 100% efficient. I then show them the “off” switch on the thermostat and say, “set it in this position for maximum savings!”

Of course, my point is; air conditioners cost money to run – there’s no way around it. However, you can still save money on your monthly power costs by choosing more efficient equipment. More so, by engineering the most efficient installation design for your home. This is where a professional HVAC & Home Performance company like Magic Touch Mechanical comes in.

Mini Split Ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps are the most efficient units’ money can buy. These machines can have efficiency ratings as high as 30 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). Better yet, the fact that they don’t require ducts means they can be installed to cool & heat only one room. For that reason, we recommend ductless mini split units as the best type of air conditioning for our pets!



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More About Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners 

Would you like more information about ductless mini split air conditioners? Magic Touch Mechanical installs more ductless heat pump & air conditioning systems than any other HVAC Contractor in the Phoenix, AZ area.

We’ve installed thousands of Mitsubishi, Trane, Lennox, Ameristar, Samsung, and Fujitsu Ductless units over the past 23-years. In other words, we know everything there is to know about this technology. Whether you want to heat & cool one room, or every room in your home we can help. Contact Us today and see why we have hundreds of 5-Star Google reviews & an A+ Rating with the BBB!


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