DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

diy ductless air conditioner installation

I decided to write DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation after noticing an uptick in a specific install request we’re getting. The request is for a price to install ductless air conditioning from people who plan to purchase the equipment themselves.

Let’s face it, we live in an E-commerce world now where nearly anything is for sale on the internet. Without ever seeing it, you can even buy a car or a house online now! So, I’m not surprised there are online retailers selling air conditioning & heating systems on the world wide web too. However, just because you can buy it online doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Before I explain the pros and cons of this practice, a little disclaimer…


We Only Provide Ductless Air Conditioner Installation in Phoenix!


Besides products and services, another thing available in abundance online are opinions and people willing to tell you theirs! With all of the product reviews, how-to articles, etc., that I publish, believe me – I hear a lot of opinions.

I know I’ll get a few that won’t finish reading this article before commenting, “you only say that because you sell them”. To them I say, look at our Google reviews. You’ll find people thanking us from Florida to Washington who were helped by our blog and social media posts. We only provide ductless air conditioner installation in Phoenix! But…our readers are all over the world. End of disclaimer.

Speaking of online comments, here’s a guide of how much a new ductless air conditioning system costs installed. This one gets lots of comments about “how much cheaper they can buy it online”, and “I can buy a window unit”, etc. To that I answer, read a couple of hundred reviews from our clients alone that say; “worth every penny”, “cut my power bill in half”, & “10x better than my central unit”.


You May Not Find Someone to Complete Your Ductless Air Conditioner Installation


Most of the do-it-yourselfers who call asking how much we’ll charge for a ductless air conditioner install, leapt without looking. In other words, they bought the air conditioner already and then found they were in over their heads.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there aren’t plenty of mechanically inclined people who can’t do what we do. I am one of those mechanically inclined people. I could learn how to rebuild the motor and rewire my BMW, but that doesn’t make it a wise decision.

Why? Because there are people who’ve spent the last three decades doing it every day. People who have 30-years of experience and know all the nuances, pitfalls and best practices of doing it. Nuances, pitfalls and best practices I don’t know.


Happily, Ever After!


It’s those nuances we know about ductless air conditioner installation that keep us from installing units purchased online. We know everything that has, does, and will go wrong with that scenario. Frankly, we don’t want to ride the warranty nightmare bus to Hades with you. So, when someone calls us to install ductless mini split equipment purchased online, we respectfully decline. In fact, what people find out too late is, almost all of the HVAC companies they call, decline as well. Sure, there are probably less established companies out there, desperate for work that take it if you search around enough. But, do you really want to gamble with that much money – in what started as an attempt to save money? Is it worth saving $500 or even $1,000 and risk losing thousands if and when there’s a problem?

When we acquire the equipment through the manufacturer, we know we have an enforceable  written warranty contract from them. There’s no question about who’s responsible for what, no finger pointing, no drama! It’s fast, precise and transparent. Our client is happy, we’re happy, and the manufacturer is happy – and we all live happily ever after!

That’s rarely the outcome, and it becomes messy when there are problems and the contractor didn’t supply the materials. Especially when things don’t go right, something is missing, the equipment doesn’t perform well or even start up at all.

I’ve been the “second opinion” guy in these situations many times, and it’s never good for the homeowner or contractor. I’ve also been called in as the “expert witness” and served on arbitration committees when these situations become “cases”. They’re always stressful and costly for every party involved and everyone loses in the end.


I’ll Be Your Expert Witness

I’m more than happy to appear as an expert witness for you too! However, my hourly rate is nothing short of outrageous and I demand payment in full upfront! One last thing on this subject: If you’re outside of Arizona; while I’d prefer to fly private, I will accept first class if I like you!


DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation


If you are the DIY – Ductless Air Conditioner Installation type of guy or girl, this article is for you! You probably think I tricked you with the title right about now. You were out there searching for installation instructions and found this article. I’m actually hoping to help you, not trick you.

I can’t tell you in one article or even twenty, how to install your mini split system. Could you tell me how to do your profession in twenty articles? Even if you could, could I do it as well as you could? Would you advise me to try?

It’s not rocket science, but it is science. Not art, but it is “an” art. It’s not unteachable or unlearnable, but it is learned over a lifetime and taught by people with a lifetime of experience. So, if you’ve already purchased your ductless mini split online and are in over your head – just return it! If you find out you can’t return it like so many others have learned the hard way before you – Craigslist!

Save yourself and others the money, aggravation, and time and find an expert who will supply, install, warranty, & guarantee it!


Of Course, If You Do Live Near the Mesa – Phoenix, AZ Area – I Know a Guy!


ductless mini split installation arizonaWe’ve been installing ductless air conditioners & heat pumps in Arizona for almost a quarter-century! Add to our resume an A+ record with the BBB since we opened & thousands of great online reviews. On top of that, the very association that sets the standards for HVAC in America (ACCA) has called Magic Touch the “best of the best”.

We’ve installed thousands of ductless mini split AC systems all around the Phoenix-Metro area, in other words, we know ductless!


Come See Ductless Air Conditioning Installed for Yourself


We have complete multi-zone and single-zone ductless AC & heat pump systems installed in our Mesa, AZ main office. I’m not just talking about working displays in a showroom, I’m talking about equipment that actually cools and heats the building. You can see it, hear it, kick it (bring cash if you plan to kick it), and ask us questions. We get excited to talk ductless!

Give us a call or shoot us an E-mail to schedule an appointment for a tour of our facility. We’ll have a ductless expert standing by for you!


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