The Best New AC Unit – A Complete Guide

With so many brands, models, and options, how do you know which is the best new AC unit? According to experts, buying a new AC unit is the largest home improvement purchase most homeowners will ever make. Roofing and window replacement rounding out the top three list. However, there are many more choices to make when […]

Lennox vs Trane vs Carrier

For many years, 3 iconic air conditioner brands stood out as the most recognized name brands in America amongst consumers. Over the years, I’ve written many product reviews of different models from all three brands and how they compare. If memory serves, this is my first article comparing Lennox vs Trane vs Carrier as a […]

Goodman AC Unit Review

Rather than focus on one Goodman AC unit model, we review the whole Goodman air conditioner lineup in this article. If you’re trying to decide if a Goodman AC unit is a good choice for your home, let’s find out!     We Promote Many Brands – No Bias Here! First things first, so you […]

Cost of Heating Systems on the Rise

  We feel it in the grocery stores, at the fuel pump, and just about everywhere else nowadays – everything is more expensive. Like other consumer goods, the cost of air conditioners & heating systems is on the rise as well.   Air Conditioning & Heating System Cost Rise at Unprecedented Rates Unless you’ve been […]