AC Running but Not Cooling House

Help, My AC is Running But Not Cooling My House Down! We’re dealing with a lot of strange things in 2020… to put it mildly! Adding fuel to the fire, it’s been one of the hottest summers on record in many parts of the country. Here in the Phoenix, AZ area, we’ve had over 50-days […]

Air Conditioning & Heating Service Gold Canyon

Having recently moved to Gold Canyon from Mesa, AZ myself, I’m realizing how many service companies don’t go beyond Apache Junction. Magic Touch Mechanical has been providing air conditioning & heating service in Gold Canyon for decades. We have a ton of long-time, loyal clients here. Why any service company would draw the line in […]

Checking the Air Conditioner When Buying a Home

Checking the air conditioner when buying a new home, may save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. For those of us living in the Phoenix, AZ area, AC units aren’t luxury items, they make our homes habitable! However, typically home inspectors do little more than test the temperature coming out of the register […]

How To Reset An AC Thermostat?

    When your home air conditioner stops working in Phoenix, AZ it becomes an instant emergency. We have reason for concern without a working AC unit here in the Valley. Especially on hot summer days like this week’s 115° temperatures forecasted. Not all AC repairs are major however, so there are a few things […]

Air Conditioning Service – Is Repair Really Necessary?

    You hire an air conditioning service company to come to your home and the service technician recommends expensive repairs. Your first thoughts are; do I trust this guy, is repair really necessary? We’ve all heard the horror stories and not just about air conditioning service companies. Auto mechanics, pool repair companies, dentists, computer […]