Gas Fireplace Remote Control Is Not Working

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably safe to assume your gas fireplace remote control is not working. For the past 25-years, Magic Touch Mechanical has been installing, servicing & repairing gas fireplaces and fire pits. I thought I’d share a few things you can check and fix yourself before calling a fireplace repair service. […]

Should I Close My AC Vents

I’m a member of a few community Facebook groups where the discussion revolves around neighborhood activities & recommendations. One of these groups is for Chandler, AZ residents – a city Magic Touch Mechanical has thousands of clients in. In a recent post, a member asked: Should I close my AC vents? She had hot rooms […]

Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit

  DIY Tips If Your Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit or Doesn’t Light at All If your gas fireplace won’t stay lit, there are a few things you can try to do yourself before calling a professional fireplace repair company. PRO TIP: Any attempts to service your own gas fireplace you do at your own […]

A Guide to Changing Your Home’s Air Filter: Why, How, and When

Replacing your AC’s air filter. You know it should be done, but let’s be honest; you only think about your air conditioning unit when it breaks down. Once you find where the filter is located, how do you know how to remove and replace it? Does it even really matter? Let’s be clear about something: […]

DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

I decided to write DIY Ductless Air Conditioner Installation after noticing an uptick in a specific install request we’re getting. The request is for a price to install ductless air conditioning from people who plan to purchase the equipment themselves. Let’s face it, we live in an E-commerce world now where nearly anything is for […]

How To Reset An AC Thermostat?

    When your home air conditioner stops working in Phoenix, AZ it becomes an instant emergency. We have reason for concern without a working AC unit here in the Valley. Especially on hot summer days like this week’s 115° temperatures forecasted. Not all AC repairs are major however, so there are a few things […]

Thermostat Fan, On or Auto?

    HVAC Thermostat Switch, On or Auto – Answered!       Where should I set my thermostat fan, on or auto? I just answered this question for a friend, and it reminded me a lot of people don’t know. However, you’ll now know which is right for your home & A/C unit after […]