How Do I Light My Fireplace Pilot Light?

How do I light my fireplace pilot light? Lighting a pilot light is something most people can do themselves. Follow the instructions below and your fireplace will be working after just a few easy steps. Follow the steps below for other gas appliances like water heaters, furnaces and stoves.


What You’ll Need to Light Your Fireplace Pilot Light?

You’ll need: A long lighter or match (if your gas fireplace is not equipped with an “ignitor” button).


Where Is My Fireplace Pilot Light?

Locate the control knob marked, OFF, PILOT, ON. The control knob is located on the gas valve. In most cases your fireplace gas valve is behind a panel underneath the hearth aka the fire box. If there is no access panel underneath your fireplace, it is probably in a metal box outside behind the fireplace.

Your fireplace gas valve typically looks like a square metal box about the size of a small jewelry box. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see the control knob.


fireplace gas valve - how do I light my fireplace pilot light


How To Light a Fireplace Pilot Light Step by Step 


1. Turn The Fireplace Pilot Light Control Knob to OFF

If the knob is already set to ON, rotate the knob to the OFF position by turning it in that direction.

If the fireplace pilot light knob is already set to OFF, skip to step 3.


2. Wait 2 Minutes Before Going to Step 3

If the fireplace pilot light knob was set to ON and you switched it to OFF, wait two minutes before following step 3. The two-minute wait time will allow any lingering gases to dissipate before lighting your fireplace pilot light again. This will help avoid the “woosh” of fire you experience lighting a gas grill.


3. Push The Knob Inwards & Rotate to the PILOT Position

Most fireplace pilot light knobs require you to push inwards while rotating towards the PILOT position. Do not release pressure on the knob while lighting the pilot. You’ll probably hear gas releasing from the pilot tube (small pipe) while holding the knob in.

  • If your fireplace is equipped with an IGNITOR button. Press it now while holding in the knob until the pilot lights. Do not release the knob yet. Hold the knob in for 20-30 seconds. Slowly release the knob and the pilot should stay lit.
  • If your fireplace is not equipped with an ignitor. Hold your lighter or match near the pilot flame opening while pushing on the knob still in the PILOT position. Do not release the knob yet but remove the lighter or match once the pilot is lit. Continue to hold the knob in for 20-30 seconds. Slowly release the knob and the pilot should stay lit.


4. Turn the Fireplace Pilot Light Knob to ON

Once it is staying lit without pushing in anymore, rotate the knob to the ON position. You may have to push it in again to rotate it to the ON position.

Now you know how to light your fireplace pilot light! Follow these same steps to light your pilot on other gas appliances like water heaters and furnaces as well.




My Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit

You may need to schedule service if you followed the steps above and your gas fireplace still doesn’t light. First:


We’ll Light Your Gas Fireplace Pilot Light for You

There’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable tinkering with a gas fireplace … and you’re far from alone. Many Phoenix area homeowners and even businesses call us to light their fireplace each year. You should schedule gas fireplace service once per year anyway. We’ll clean, test, and inspect all the components of your gas fireplace while we’re there too.


Upgrade Your Fireplace to Electronic Ignition

Did you know you don’t have to light a pilot if you upgrade your fireplace to electronic ignition? Many gas fireplaces can be fitted with an electronic ignition that eliminates the need for a pilot light. Just flip a switch, use an app, grab your remote control, or tell Alexa to “turn on the fireplace”.


Fireplace Pilot Light Service, Cleaning, & Maintenance Near Phoenix

Give us a call if you need gas fireplace service or even replacement. Our fireplace service technicians are highly trained & experienced with electric & gas fireplaces. We’ve been providing fireplace service near Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Gold Canyon, Tempe, Gilbert, & nearby cities for over 26 years!







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