5 Best Air Conditioners 2022

It’s time to announce our list of Best Air Conditioners again! Anytime I write a comparison review like 5 Best Air Conditioners 2022, I like to start with full disclosure. My company, Magic Touch Mechanical, sells every one of the air conditioner brands on this list. That said, we sell 8 other brands not on […]

The Best New AC Unit – A Complete Guide

Updated 11/7/2021   The Best New AC Unit – A Complete Guide; to help you choose the best option for you. Buying a new AC unit is one of the largest home improvement (replacement) purchases most homeowners will make according to experts. New central air and heating, roofing, and new windows rounding out the top of that list. However, […]

Lennox SL28XCV Air Conditioner Review

I waited until we had installed a bunch of them before writing a review on the Lennox SL28XCV air conditioner. As with all new products, I wanted to wait and see what the bugs and kinks were before reviewing it. That said, what we discovered is that the Lennox SL28XCV does not disappoint!   Lennox […]

Best Value Variable Speed Heat Pump

    I’m impartial when it comes to choosing the best value variable speed heat pump because we sell many competing brands. Trane, Lennox, Bosch, Goodman, & Mitsubishi (5 of the brands we install), each have their own unique position in the market. Each have their own “best in class” models, and each have their […]

Buying a New AC and Heating System – 5 Tips

Buying a new AC and heating system isn’t most homeowners idea of a good time, but sooner or later we all need to do it. I compiled what I believe to be the 5 most important tips to ensure you get a good deal and outcome. Follow these tips and you’re unlikely to be one […]

Best Selling Air Conditioners 2018

Our Annual List of the Best-Selling Central Air Conditioners Last Year & What’s New for 2019   It’s time once again for Magic Touch Mechanical’s best-selling central air conditioners of 2018 in the Phoenix, AZ. area. What you need to know: Magic Touch Mechanical, Mesa, AZ installs hundreds of central air and heating systems throughout […]

What Size AC Unit Do I Need

How to make sure your new AC unit is the right size. It’s not uncommon to have a homeowner call us at Magic Touch and ask “What size air conditioner do I need for a 1500 square foot house?” or, “How many tons of AC do I need per square foot?” Chances are, if you […]

What is the Best Brand Air Conditioner?

What is the Best New AC Unit Money Can Buy 2018? I serve on a few Advisory Boards and am a regular contributor to a few HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) Industry news publications. A few months ago, a writer for one of these publications contacted me about a story she was writing about […]

Variable Speed AC Worth The Money?

The Truth About Variable Speed Air Conditioners I have a bone to pick with some of the AC Companies in Phoenix! I’ve now heard more than a few homeowners my company, Magic Touch Mechanical, has visited with, tell us that another Arizona HVAC company advised them that; “variable speed air conditioners are not worth the […]