Goodman AC Unit Review

Rather than focus on one Goodman AC unit model, we review the whole Goodman air conditioner lineup in this article. If you’re trying to decide if a Goodman AC unit is a good choice for your home, let’s find out!     We Promote Many Brands – No Bias Here! First things first, so you […]

Cost of Heating Systems on the Rise

  We feel it in the grocery stores, at the fuel pump, and just about everywhere else nowadays – everything is more expensive. Like other consumer goods, the cost of air conditioners & heating systems is on the rise as well.   Air Conditioning & Heating System Cost Rise at Unprecedented Rates Unless you’ve been […]

Carrier vs York Heat Pump

Recently an old friend reached out to me asking for my opinion of Carrier vs York air conditioners. His fiancé owns a home in Mexico which currently has a York packaged heat pump that’s not working properly. The air conditioning contractor told them there was a 2-month backorder for the part needed to complete repairs. […]

How Much Does A New Air Conditioner Cost?

  How much does a new air conditioner cost? This is probably the most frequently asked question we receive through our Facebook page and via E-mail. However, providing a “ballpark” price of a new air conditioning system without more information is nearly impossible. Well, unless you don’t mind a $10,000+ price swing in your park! […]

AC Unit Prices by Phone

Getting new AC unit prices by phone, online chat and E-mail is a very common request. We receive several daily from both Arizona homeowners and our blog readers from all over the world. I’m betting every air conditioning company in Phoenix would agree it’s a challenge to “do the right thing” with this request. Most […]

How Much Does A Ductless AC Cost?

How Much Does a Mini Split Air Conditioner Cost? Since publishing “How Much Does a New AC Unit Cost?”, we’ve received a lot of inquiries from people asking “How much does a ductless ac cost?” and, “How much does a heat pump mini split cost?” I like to use the questions we get a lot […]

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a New Air Conditioner?

How Much Does a New Air conditioner Cost? When it comes time to replace the central air conditioning and heating system in your home, the first thing everyone asks is the price of a new AC unit. Having been in the air conditioner sales and installation business in the Mesa, AZ area for over twenty […]

Price vs. Cost of a New AC Unit and Heating System

I know the title of this article, “price vs. cost of a new AC & heating system” is a bit of a conundrum so I’m going to ask you all to bear with me for a moment while I explain. I do however promise to make this worth your time if you are considering purchasing […]