Air Conditioning Companies Near Me

What You Need to Know When Looking for an Air Conditioning Service Company   In the digital age, we’re all used to searching terms like Air Conditioning Companies Near Me to find a service. I use that example, because it’s a search term we, Magic Touch Mechanical, show up with often. It’s my job to […]

Ceiling Fan Direction Summer vs Winter

What’s the Right Ceiling Fan Direction for Winter / Summer?   I’ll give you the answer right upfront about what your ceiling fan direction should be in the summer and winter. However, if you want to know how to save the most energy and stay comfortable you should read on.     In the summer […]

AC Unit Cost – Upfront & After

An Interview with Someone Who Knows All About the Cost of a New AC Unit Several months ago, Phoenix, AZ utility company, Salt River Project (SRP), referred a homeowner wanting to get a home energy audit to Magic Touch Mechanical in Mesa, AZ. He had a new AC unit installed in his home from an air […]