AC Unit Won’t Turn On

  That dreaded moment: It’s hot, you switch the thermostat on, and nothing happens – the AC unit won’t turn on. Eventually it happens to every homeowner and I’m no exception. The only difference between myself and most homeowners is, I’m the guy who must fix it when it’s mine! This article covers a few […]

Ventilation, Purification & Filtration

  Ventilation, Purification & Filtration, What’s the Difference? Updated April, 2023 / originally published August, 2020: COVID-19 has raised everyone’s awareness of the importance of cleaning and decontaminating the air in our homes and workplaces. Recently, the media has been using the word “ventilation” a lot when talking about sending our kids back to school. […]

Best Heat Pumps in 2023

Every year we publish our “best of” lists for air conditioners, heat pumps, air cleaners, etc. Our Best Heat Pumps in 2023 list includes some familiar models that made the 2022 list & some new ones. In this article we are covering only split heat pumps / central air (the most common heat pump type […]

Costco Air Conditioner Install

The pros and cons of a Costco air conditioner install from a couple of industry insiders! In this article we’ll give you an insider look at buying a Lennox AC unit with installation from Costco. We’ll also tell you how buying an air conditioning system from Costco compares to buying one from Home Depot, Lowes, […]