Gree Heat Pump Install

It’s been 4 months since we completed the Gree heat pump install at my mother’s Chandler, AZ home. I thought it would be a good time to write a follow up review and share how she likes it.   Gree Heat Pump Install Follow Up I wrote about the Gree heat pump install we did […]

2023 Best Air Conditioners & Heaters

Every year we publish our picks of the best central air conditioning & heating systems on the market. The 2023 best air conditioners & heating units list shares some of the units that made last year’s list and introduces some new models.   Criteria Used to Choose 2023 Best Air Conditioners & Heating Units  As […]

Goodman AC Unit Review

Rather than focus on one Goodman AC unit model, we review the whole Goodman air conditioner lineup in this article. If you’re trying to decide if a Goodman AC unit is a good choice for your home, let’s find out!     We Promote Many Brands – No Bias Here! First things first, so you […]

Cheap AC Unit Installations Suck!

    You may think the title of this article, Cheap AC Unit Installations Suck is rather crass – that was the point! I wanted to get your attention and hopefully save you from the same mistake too many people make. It seems no matter how many articles I write warning homeowners why not to take “the […]

AC Unit Cost – Upfront & After

An Interview with Someone Who Knows All About the Cost of a New AC Unit Several months ago, Phoenix, AZ utility company, Salt River Project (SRP), referred a homeowner wanting to get a home energy audit to Magic Touch Mechanical in Mesa, AZ. He had a new AC unit installed in his home from an air […]

Should I Buy a Cheap New AC Unit?

Did You Get a Great Deal on a New AC Unit or Did You Get Had?   The Cost of the Lowest Price New AC Unit Installation   Phoenix, AZ where my company Magic Touch Mechanical is located (technically Mesa, AZ) is now the 5thlargest city in the country. It is also one of the […]