AC Cleaning & Maintenance – What’s Included

What’s included in an AC Cleaning & Maintenance visit? Is there any difference between AC maintenance & an AC tune up, and which do I need? How much does an air conditioner maintenance visit cost? I answer all these questions in this article, but before you skip ahead, I recommend you read the whole article. […]

Best Garage Heating & Cooling Option

In 30+ years as an HVAC technician & installer, I’d guess I’ve personally installed 500+ garage heating & cooling systems. However, I’m not basing my pick of the best garage heating & cooling option on AC & heating experience alone. I’m also basing it on personal experience as a homeowner who spends a lot of […]

What’s the Best Air Conditioner for a Garage?

Installing an Air Conditioner in Your Garage? Here are Your Options and Approximate Costs My two-car garage has everything but a car in it. That’s because I spend a lot of time in my garage working on my motorcycles and various home improvement projects. I would say my garage looks like what would happen if […]