Carrier vs York Heat Pump

Recently an old friend reached out to me asking for my opinion of Carrier vs York air conditioners. His fiancé owns a home in Mexico which currently has a York packaged heat pump that’s not working properly. The air conditioning contractor told them there was a 2-month backorder for the part needed to complete repairs. […]

Gree Flexx Install for Mom

Have you ever wondered what brand heat pump an air conditioning contractor would install in his own mother’s house? After all, it’s for mom – so it better work great, it better be efficient, and it better be reliable! Well, here’s your answer: I chose to install a Gree Flexx heat pump in mom’s house. […]

Air Conditioner Efficiency Standards

Regional air conditioner efficiency standards are changing significantly on January 1st, 2023. Navigating these changes has become more difficult in the last decade and the latest changes are the most confusing yet! In this article, we focus on the changes for the Southwest region only to cut through the clutter for Arizonans.   Air Conditioner […]

Air Conditioner Prices in 2022

It’s still November 2021 as I write this article about air conditioner prices in 2022, but I know what’s coming. Manufacturers including Trane, Lennox & Bosch have already communicated price increases to HVAC Contractors like Magic Touch Mechanical – Mesa, AZ I apologize in advance if this article seems all gloom & doom – don’t […]

Is Trane AC Worth the Extra Money?

    If you’re here, you probably just searched the phrase: Is Trane worth it? Is Trane AC worth the extra money? Or, you may have even spelled it “Train” AC – don’t fret you’re not the first and won’t be the last! In this article, we review some of the differences between Trane  air […]

How Much Does A New Air Conditioner Cost?

  How much does a new air conditioner cost? This is probably the most frequently asked question we receive through our Facebook page and via E-mail. However, providing a “ballpark” price of a new air conditioning system without more information is nearly impossible. Well, unless you don’t mind a $10,000+ price swing in your park! […]

New AC Units in Low Supply

I’ve been in A/C & heating business for over 30-years & founded Magic Touch Mechanical in Mesa, AZ in 1997. In all those years, 2020 is the first time I’ve ever seen new AC units in low supply. I’m not talking about one manufacturer being behind schedule, I’m talking about almost every brand name across […]

Should I Buy a New AC Unit Online

  We get two questions very frequently: “How much does a new air conditioner and heating system cost to install? And, “Can you give me a price to just install a new AC unit if I buy it online?” I cover the first question in detail in the article How Much Does a New AC Unit […]

Air Conditioner Extended Warranty

  Extended Warranties Are Amongst the Things To Think About When Buying a New Central Heating & Air Conditioning System   There’s a lot to consider when buying a new AC Unit for your home. One such consideration is whether or not to buy the extended warranty. Choosing a new HVAC system sounds more daunting […]