Is a Swamp Cooler and Effective Way to Cool My Home?

Swamp coolers are popular in Tempe, AZ and throughout the Valley of Sun. We’ll look into some of the reasons why in this post. But first, of course, we have to answer the question that comes up the most when talking about swamp coolers: What exactly is a “swamp cooler”?

How Extreme Heat Affects Your Air Conditioner

To say that we’ve experienced a hot summer here in Phoenix is an understatement. We only have to look at our own company records to see the proof: we’ve had the most AC service calls during the last two months than at any time in our company history.

Does a Hot Room in Your Home Mean There Is Something Wrong with the AC?

One of the early signs that an air conditioning system is losing cooling power due to a malfunction is a “hot spot” in the house. If you find that a room in your home is abnormally warm even though the AC is running, you’ll probably assume that it’s trouble with the system. However, there are other possible issues in your home that can account for a hot spot.