Does a Hot Room in Your Home Mean There Is Something Wrong with the AC?

One of the early signs that an air conditioning system is losing cooling power due to a malfunction is a “hot spot” in the house. If you find that a room in your home is abnormally warm even though the AC is running, you’ll probably assume that it’s trouble with the system. However, there are other possible issues in your home that can account for a hot spot. We’ll look at some of the possibilities to help you figure out the source of the problem. If it seems that the source is indeed that air conditioner, make sure to call for professionals to repair it as soon as possible.

Poor insulation

Insulation in a home isn’t only designed to keep the building warm during colder weather; it also keeps heat from entering the house during hot weather. A room might feel warmer than the rest of the house because it has damaged insulation, or a worn-down seal on its window. Replacing the insulation will help create a more effective heat seal.

Blocked vents

You should always make sure that any strangely warm room has all its air vents unobstructed. Moving of furniture or carpets can accidentally block vents, which will both result in a warm room and extra pressure on the AC.

Leaking air ducts

Your air conditioning system may be working fine, but holes in the ventilation system are preventing sufficient cooled air from reaching one of the rooms. If this is the case, you will need to have professionals seal up the ducts.

Malfunctioning thermostat and zone control system

Often a thermostat is at fault for behavior from the air conditioner that creates hot spots in a house. If you have a zone control system installed that can shut off certain rooms from the AC, it’s possible that the thermostat has lost communication with one of the zone dampers.

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