How Extreme Heat Affects Your Air Conditioner

To say that we’ve experienced a hot summer here in Phoenix is an understatement. We only have to look at our own company records to see the proof: we’ve had the most AC service calls during the last two months than at any time in our company history. Of course, we’re always glad to be of service when anyone’s air conditioner starts to malfunction. That’s why we’re in this business. But we also want you to stay as comfortable as possible with an AC that has the lowest chance of having a malfunction. Let’s take a look at how these searing temperatures have an effect on your air conditioning system.

Higher power use

This is something that affects both your AC and the rest of the city. As people all around the Valley of Sun drop down the thermostats on their cooling systems, it places tremendous strain on the power grid, sometimes leading to power outages. When it comes to your own air conditioner, you can end up using 50% more energy running it in order to stay cool. The reason for this is that the system must remain on longer in order to maintain a lower temperature. You can alleviate this by trying to keep the thermostat set no lower than 78°F. That might be a bit hotter than you want, but if you can live with it, it will help both your bills and the rest of the city tremendously.

Heavy wear and tear

We’ve already touched on one of the most common air conditioning failures that happen during immense heat: capacitor failures. But there are many other components that suffer strain during this time. Air filters will clog quicker with all the extra use, so check on the filter twice a month instead of once a month to see if it’s congested. Also watch for possible damage and grime on the outdoor fan. If your AC is older than 12 years, be very cautious, as heat this intense may cause a complete breakdown. Arrange a replacement as soon as you can comfortably manage it.

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