Now Is a Great Time for Annual Heating Maintenance!

Although people who don’t live in the Valley of the Sun might find the idea of heating a home here absurd, residents know that we can experience some cold evenings during the winter. It’s important that you have your home’s heater in the best shape for when it finally has to turn on after long months of hot-weather hibernation.

What Does a Fireplace Inspection Involve?

Fireplaces and chimneys are very durable parts of homes. In fact, they can sometimes outlast the rest of a home! But this toughness often creates the illusion that fireplaces don’t need regular professional care and maintenance.

Why You Need Professional Fireplace Cleaning

Although we don’t worry as much about keeping our homes warm during the year in Tempe, AZ as we do keeping them cool, the fireplace is an interesting exception. In most homes, the fireplace isn’t there to serve as a heating system.