Why You Should Schedule an Energy Audit for Your Home

Think of your home as a complete energy system, rather than a collection of various devices and appliances. How well does your home rate when it comes to energy conservation? Answering that question is the purpose of a home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment. Energy auditors use blower doors, thermography, and careful inspections of your HVAC system to evaluate the ways your home consumes energy and places where heat and air may be escaping. After you have professionals perform an audit for your home, you’ll find out how best to increase the home’s energy performance.

Some Benefits of a professional home energy assessment

  • Lower energy bills – The most immediate affect that energy waste has on a home is that it drives up energy bills. For example, in a place that gets as hot as Arizona, allowing extra heat into your home because of poor insulation and air leaks means an air conditioner that must work that much harder. And if the AC itself is running inefficiently, the situation will be even more expensive. Energy audits are primarily focused on ways to reduce unnecessary energy expenditures.
  • Improves comfort – A home that has numerous air leaks will permit the escape or entry of heat and imbalanced humidity levels, leading to an uncomfortable home. An audit will find where your home needs better sealing to prevent this loss/gain.
  • Help the environment – The U.S. Department of Energy encourages home energy assessments because they help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air and also lower the electrical demands placed on power stations.
  • Increase a home’s value – Research published in the Appraisal Journal has shown that for every $1 decrease in your annual energy costs, your home’s market value rises by $20. So if you lower your energy expenditure by $400, your home’s value rises by $8,000.

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