Now Is a Great Time for Annual Heating Maintenance!

Although people who don’t live in the Valley of the Sun might find the idea of heating a home here absurd, residents know that we can experience some cold evenings during the winter. It’s important that you have your home’s heater in the best shape for when it finally has to turn on after long months of hot-weather hibernation.

Here are some reasons you must schedule professional maintenance for your heater this fall:

  • It extends equipment life – The most expensive “repair” that any heating system may require is replacing it before its time. To receive the longest service life from your heater (15 to 20 years depending on the type of heater) you must schedule annual maintenance for it that will keep age from getting a hold on it too fast.
  • It keeps the system energy efficient – You don’t want to pay more for heating during the short time you need it than you have to. A big part of any maintenance visit is to clean and adjust the heater so that it works at its most efficient. Proper maintenance done each year will see that your heater keeps 95% of its efficiency rating for most of its service life.
  • It prevents repair issues – A heater without maintenance is a heater that suffers from malfunctions on a regular basis. Yearly inspections will catch potential problems early so they don’t develop into bigger problems.
  • It increases safety – This is particularly important if you have a gas furnace. During maintenance, the technician will see that the heater is operating safely and doesn’t have any dangers from gas leaks or electric trouble.

Right now, we are offering a great promotion for your heating system maintenance: a $49 tune-up that will see that your system is running at peak efficiency. That’s a $30 savings off the already low regular price of $79. This offer expires at the end of the year—but you’ll want your maintenance done earlier than that anyway!

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