Call for a $99 Heating System Maintenance and Whole House Energy Audit!

The cold weather (or cooler weather, as the case often is) in the Valley of the Sun starts later in the year than in most other parts of the country. You can delay arranging for regular heating maintenance until around December—but you can’t delay it forever. If you haven’t yet scheduled your seasonal heating maintenance to inspect and tune up your home’s furnace or heat pump, now is an especially good time to do it, because…

From now until the end of January 2016, we’re offering a special deal where you’ll receive a $99 heating system maintenance visit as well as whole-house energy audit.

You’re probably familiar with regular heating maintenance: it’s an annual job that will tune-up, clean, and adjust your home’s heating system to ensure that it works at its best over the year, with few repair hiccups, safety concerns, or loss of energy efficiency. But what is an energy audit, and how is it helpful?

A home energy audit, a.k.a. a home energy assessment, is a top-to-bottom analysis of your home as a large energy system. The purpose of the audit is to find places where the house is losing heat to the outside in the winter, cool conditioned air in the summer, and wasting power in places you don’t even think about on a daily basis. A thorough energy efficiency audit will locate all the spots where your home can improve its use of energy. This requires the skill and experience of licensed auditors with BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist Certifications, such as the ones on our staff.

Thermal Image

A typical energy audit consists of a series of tests, such as a blower door test that lowers the air pressure inside the house so the auditors can measure the air leaks where air rushes back in to fill the vacuum. Other tests use infrared scanners to pinpoint heat loss areas. The auditors also examine the ventilation system, test the A/C & heating ducts for leaks, measure insulation R-Values in the walls and attic, and test the major appliances and other parts of the home where energy waste can be found.

Once the energy audit is finished, we go to work on creating a comprehensive report with pictures, annual savings projections, ROI (Return on Investment) and SIR (Saving Investment Ratio) reports, which will supply you with a complete rundown on your house and the places where you can seal up air and heat leaks and replace power-wasting appliances. If you follow the advice of our experts, you can drastically lower your monthly energy bills, increase the value of your home, and as in most cases, be much more comfortable in every room of your home.

If $99 for both a whole home energy audit PLUS a complete heating system tune-up sounds like a great deal to you, you’re right! This is always our most popular promotion of the year and we only offer it for a short time around the Holiday’s. We expect to sell out space on our schedule quickly so if you live in the East or West Valley, call us soon to reserve your appointment!

Call Magic Touch Mechanical today to arrange for your energy audit AND heating maintenance in Peoria, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, or Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities today.