Time for a Gas Fireplace Tune-Up and Inspection!

A gas log fireplace is a wonderful luxury for a home in Arizona. We don’t rely on heating systems as much as other parts of the country that deal with colder winters… but that doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy the beauty of a fireplace. Often, sitting in front of the fireplace at night will be all you’ll need to stay warm—and you’ll have the benefit of the romance and beauty of a roaring hearth.

A gas log fireplace is more convenient to use than a wood-burning one and also does away with most of the cleaning nuisances. That doesn’t mean it has no cleaning and maintenance needs, however. Like any natural gas appliance in a home, it must receive annual inspections to make sure that it’s running safely. These inspections include tune-ups and cleaning.

Right now, we are offering a $89 complete gas fireplace tune-up, cleaning, and inspection. This is a $90 savings off of the regular price, and even at the regular price it is more than worthwhile. Our skilled gas fireplace technicians will come to your home and inspect and test the fireplace to see that it is working safely, without any risks of gas leaks or dangers that it will not vent correctly and blow fumes back into your living space.

Our inspections will go farther than this. We will look over the electrical switch and tighten any loose connections. We’ll examine the chimney cap. Then we’ll clean the major parts. For example, the burner where the jets ignite will develop carbon deposits over time that may impede the jets from lighting; we’ll clean this off to make sure it lights easily. As an extra safety precaution, we’ll also test all the carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Get off to the right start this season with your fireplace in Glendale, AZ and call on Magic Touch Mechanical.