3 Reasons to Have Your Fireplace Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning the fireplace. Sounds like a chore, doesn’t it? If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you know all about scooping out and removing the ashy remains of the last fire. However, that isn’t the type of fireplace cleaning that we mean. Professional fireplace cleaning is a thorough job that removes the build-up that can develop from using the fireplace. And it’s something that requires trained professionals with the right equipment. You can’t do it with a few rags and a lot of elbow grease.


It’s good to clean your fireplace.

Here are 3 reasons you should give us a call to arrange for fireplace cleaning as we move into the festive holiday season, the time when fireplaces are the most useful:

ONE: Safety

This is the #1 reason on our list because safety should always be your #1 concern when it comes to a fireplace. A fireplace, whether gas log or wood-burning, shouldn’t be any more dangerous than any other heating system in a home. But without regular maintenance like cleaning, it can create hazards. The build-up of creosote inside a fireplace and chimney can ignite and lead to fires breaking out into the upper floor or the house or even the roof. Cleaning will take care of this.

TWO: Better Ventilation

A fireplace that creates combustion fumes (which is any fireplace that isn’t an electric model) must have proper ventilation for those fumes. A dirty fireplace won’t vent the way it should, and will waste energy, blow unpleasant fumes into the house, and cause creosote (see above) to rapidly build up.

THREE: It’s more attractive

Fireplaces are rarely used as a method to warm a house—especially in a place like Phoenix—and are more decorative and luxury pieces. A fireplace stained with soot and creosote isn’t anything you want as a decorative piece! Routine fireplace cleaning keeps this part of your house looking as attractive as it should.

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