Why You Need Professional Fireplace Cleaning

Although we don’t worry as much about keeping our homes warm during the year in Tempe, AZ as we do keeping them cool, the fireplace is an interesting exception. In most homes, the fireplace isn’t there to serve as a heating system. It’s a luxury, a decoration, a central place for the family to gather. Even on warm nights, a fireplace can add beautiful ambience to one of the rooms in your house.

But there is a very important way that fireplaces are like other heating systems: they require regular maintenance. Specifically, your fireplace needs to be cleaned once year. This cleaning is more detailed and intensive than simply sweeping out some ashes or running a damp cloth over the masonry. You must hire a professional fireplace cleaner to take on this job.

The Importance of Professional Fireplace Cleaning

One of the reasons that it’s critical that you only trust fireplace experts for this work is that much of the cleaning is designed to remove creosote. This is a tarry black substance that is basically unburned wood energy. Creosote is highly flammable, and the principle reason that chimney fires start, which can lead to flames reaching upper levels of the house or the roof. In order to remove creosote, you need specialists trained in using the proper chemicals as well as specialized brushing and sweeping equipment.

Another reason to rely on professional fireplace cleaners is that they will make every effort to keep the rest of your house clean. Cleaning a fireplace is actually a pretty dirty job, but professionals take special precautions to see that the area around your fireplace is kept spotless and looks as good as it did before they started the job.

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