Improve Your Attic Insulation for the End of the Year!

Right now, Magic Touch Mechanical is offering a special: $75 off on attic insulation. We already offer low prices for blown-in cellulose and fiberglass insulation or fiberglass batts. This offer is good through December 31, 2015, so take advantage of these savings to have your attic properly insulated for both hot and cool weather.

Why is attic insulation so important?

The reason that it’s vital for your home to have effective insulation installed in the attic is because it is the spot where the house will gain and lose the most heat. It will be responsible for an enormous amount of energy waste around the year if it doesn’t have a strong thermal barrier.

Thermal barrier. That’s what insulation really is. It isn’t something designed only to keep a house warm: it serves as a barrier against the movement of heat in either direction. For example, during the long hot days in Arizona, a large amount of heat enters the attic because of the radiant energy from the sun on the roof. The temperature inside the attic can often rise to 130°F on hot days. If there is inferior insulation along the floor of the attic to slow down the movement of heat, the high temperatures in the attic will infiltrate into the rest of the home, often boosting the temperature by 10°F or more. You’ll waste a significant amount of energy running the air conditioner to overcome this. But a good insulation layer will keep most of the heat trapped in the attic and your home much cooler.

On cooler days, the insulation will keep heat from escaping out the attic. Heat rises, so insulation serves as something like a wool cap on top of the house to keep heat from getting away. Attic insulation makes it easier to keep your house warm, and you’ll need to run your heating system far less.

Call Magic Touch Mechanical in Phoenix, AZ today to arrange for attic insulation. Grab hold of our $75-off deal while it’s still good!