What Does a Fireplace Inspection Involve?

Fireplaces and chimneys are very durable parts of homes. In fact, they can sometimes outlast the rest of a home! But this toughness often creates the illusion that fireplaces don’t need regular professional care and maintenance. The truth is that fireplace must have routine inspections from certified professionals to keep them working efficiently and without danger to a household. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards recommend annual inspections to check on the integrity, safety, and cleanliness of a fireplace and chimney.

What happens when you arrange for a fireplace inspection? There are three different inspection levels as defined by the NFPA:

Level 1

This is the standard inspection you’ll arrange to have each year. During a Level 1 inspection, a technician provides an examination of the fireplace and chimney to look for basic soundness of the structure and see that there are no obstructions in the chimney. The technician will check on gas connections, dampers, and other appliance parts of the fireplace to make sure they are in good condition.

Level 2

This level of inspection is required if you have made any significant changes to the fireplace recently, such as switching to a new fuel source or relining the chimney. The inspection consists of all the checks of a Level 1 inspection, but goes into more depth and also examines areas around the chimney such as the attic and crawl spaces.

Level 3

You will only need to schedule a Level 3 inspection if 1) a Level 1 or 2 inspection has turned up possible safety issues; or 2) the fireplace and chimney have recently sustained damage. During a Level 3 inspection, technicians will need to remove components of the fireplace to provide a complete examination to ensure its safe operation—or to find out what repairs are necessary.

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