Fireplace Safety Tips for the Holidays

Recently I was asked to write an article with some fireplace safety tips for a group my company is a member of. I wrote the post below for them and their customers and thought I’d share it with our readers also. Since my company, Magic Touch Mechanical, began offering fireplace service & repair almost a […]

Glowing Embers in a Fireplace

  Glowing embers in a fireplace (sometimes referred to as burning embers) are an inexpensive way to enhance your gas fireplace. Glowing embers do not affect the operation of a gas fireplace. However, they work great for mimicking a real wood fireplace or campfire. Although we’ve published many articles showcasing modern fire glass, stainless burner […]

HVAC Thermostat Settings – Auto Changeover

  Last week we explained the purpose of the FAN Switch on your home’s HVAC thermostat. This week, we’re going to discuss the Auto Changeover feature, what it does, and when it’s useful. Keep reading this series of articles and before you know it, you’ll be a Master of HVAC thermostat settings!   Don’t Like […]