Glowing Embers in a Fireplace


Glowing embers in a fireplace (sometimes referred to as burning embers) are an inexpensive way to enhance your gas fireplace. Glowing embers do not affect the operation of a gas fireplace. However, they work great for mimicking a real wood fireplace or campfire. Although we’ve published many articles showcasing modern fire glass, stainless burner pans, and other modern fireplaces – the wood look is still popular. If your gas fireplace has a gas log set that doesn’t look so realistic, glowing embers may be all you need to spruce things up!


What Are Glowing Embers in a Fireplace?

Real burning embers (coals) found in the bottom of a campfire are small chunks of wood that are still smoldering. Not only are they pretty, they help to distribute the heat around the fire evenly.

Artificial burning embers are designed to be placed underneath the burner in your gas fireplace. They do a wonderful job imitating the look of the real wood fireplace. There are several types of glowing embers. Rock wool is the most common type. The second type is made from the mineral vermiculite. Both are designed to be used with either propane or natural gas fireplaces.


What’s the Purpose of Glowing Embers in a Gas Fireplace?

Glowing embers in a gas fireplace are mostly for aesthetic purposes. As the name implies, the embers add an orange glow underneath the gas log set. However, the type made from vermiculite provides the added benefit of better heat distribution through the firebox – and then outwards into the room.

Most homeowners complaints regarding the gas log set that came with their home are related to them looking “fake”. While there are definitely very realistic looking gas logs nowadays, many entry level sets simply don’t look real. Adding glowing embers to your fireplace will go a long way towards making it look like a real wood burning hearth.


Do I Need to Hire a Professional to Install Them?

No, it’s not necessary to hire a professional to install glowing embers in a gas fireplace. However, there are a few things to keep in mind prior to doing it yourself. For the safety of your family and property consider the following first:

  • Have your gas fireplace professionally cleaned and maintained annually.
  • It should go without saying but… shut your fireplace off first.
  • A little goes a long way! Only add a liberal amount of embers to your hearth.
  • Do not remove or lift your gas burners when installing glowing embers.
  • Place gas logs in the exact same position they were in beforehand.
  • Insert the glowing embers directly below the fireplace burner.
  • Do not put embers on, between, or above your gas log set.


Where Can I Buy Glowing Embers for a Gas Fireplace?

A quick web search will produce many online retailers selling glowing embers. Many big box hardware stores carry burning embers as well. Embers are a fairly inexpensive way to upgrade the appearance of your fireplace. One small box or bag should be more than enough for most fireplaces.


Can I Buy Directly from Magic Touch Mechanical?

Yes and no. Our Certified Fireplace Service Technicians stock glowing embers on their service vehicles. We sell and install burning embers to our clients in and around the Phoenix, AZ area. However, we do not sell any parts or supplies directly to the public or online. If you’d like one of our fireplace service technicians to install glowing embers in your fireplace you can add it to your fireplace cleaning & maintenance visit when you schedule.

Since all gas fireplace manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance once a year, simply ask your technician to add embers during your visit.


Do Glowing Embers Need to be Replaced?

Typically, glowing embers will last many years. Occasionally you may find your glowing embers are losing their brilliance over time. No worries, they’re not expensive – just remove the old embers and add a fresh batch!


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