Cost to Operate Christmas Lights

How Much Do Christmas Lights Cost to Operate? We don’t sell or install lighting products at Magic Touch Mechanical, but we have conducted thousands of home energy audits in the Mesa – Phoenix, Arizona area. Lighting costs are one of the many things we calculate when modeling a home’s energy usage and carbon footprint. The […]

My AC Can’t Keep Up! House Not Cooling

  If you’ve been thinking my AC can’t keep up, isn’t keeping my house cool, or noticed that lately your AC runs constantly: This article will give you a good idea of what’s going on & what to do about it.   “My AC wont cool below 80 degrees”  (or 84, 85, etc.). “My air […]

5 Benefits of Solar Sunscreens for Your Arizona Home

With the summer season approaching in a few months, solar sunscreens (also known as shade screens) are a great way to reduce your energy bill while keeping cool indoors. Below are five reasons why Magic Touch Mechanical’s solar sunscreens would be a great fit for your home. 1. They reduce heat, but not light. How […]

Ceiling Fan Direction Summer vs Winter

What’s the Right Ceiling Fan Direction for Winter / Summer?   I’ll give you the answer right upfront about what your ceiling fan direction should be in the summer and winter. However, if you want to know how to save the most energy and stay comfortable you should read on.     In the summer […]

Is an Energy Management System Right for Your Building?

Is an Energy Management System Right for Your Building or Business? As the owner of a medium-size contracting business in Mesa, AZ I know as well as the next entrepreneur that keeping operating expenses as low as possible equals a healthy bottom line. As the owner of both a commercial building which I lease back […]

Building Automation, Smart Homes, and Energy Management Systems

What is a smart building, and how can you benefit from building automation? As “smart” technology advances and device connectivity improves, people are becoming more familiar with the term “smart home”. A smart home or smart building is the practice of using connected devices to control home air conditioning and heating thermostats, lighting, garage door […]

Arrange for an Energy Audit This Fall for Great Future Savings

The fall may not provide Phoenix with much relief from the heat of the sun, but even a small change in the weather is a good time for you to consider improvements for home performance. The best way to discover how to boost your home’s energy performance is to contact the Magic Touch Mechanical team an schedule an energy audit.