Heating and Cooling Tax Credits Extended for 2016!

Did you know that the government offers you savings on many of home improvements? Tax rebates for energy efficienct HVAC systems offer you even more ways to cut down on your comfort costs for the year.

Arrange for an Energy Audit This Fall for Great Future Savings

The fall may not provide Phoenix with much relief from the heat of the sun, but even a small change in the weather is a good time for you to consider improvements for home performance. The best way to discover how to boost your home’s energy performance is to contact the Magic Touch Mechanical team an schedule an energy audit.

How Do I Find A Trustworthy AC Repair Near Me?

How Do I Find Trustworthy AC Repair Near Me? When you own a home in Phoenix, AZ air conditioning is a necessity not a luxury. So when you need AC repair, you want it fast but you also want to pay a fair price and know that the service technician is competent and honest. Air […]