How a Zone Control System Means Better Comfort as Well as Better Savings

An improvement or addition to a new HVAC installation that we strongly recommend for customers is a zone control system. Zone controls divide up the ductwork into separate climate “zones” where cooling and heating can be shut off. This is different from the standard HVAC system, where the conditioned air goes to every room in the house, regardless of whether it needs it or not.

The Comfort Benefits of Zone Control

The advantage that attracts many homeowners to zone controls in the first place is how they help reduce air conditioning and heating costs. Since only the rooms that need cooling/heating receive it, the HVAC system doesn’t work as hard.

But there are comfort advantages to zone control systems as well that people often don’t realize. Using zone controls properly will eliminate cold and hot spots in a house. Two-story homes often have problems with uneven temperatures, since hot air rises. During the long hot season in Phoenix, the upper floors of a house can be extremely hard to keep cooled down. But zoning makes it easier. Each floor can be cooled separately from the other. Cooling the downstairs first means less hot air to rise to the upper floors, so when the upper floor zones activate later, the air conditioner won’t have to do as much work. This keeps the whole house much cooler while still using less energy.

Ductless Systems Automatically Have Zone Controls

Here’s something else to keep in mind: ductless mini split heat pumps are a type of HVAC system that have zone controls built right in. Each of the individual air handlers can operate separate from the others, so you only need to heat or cool the rooms that need it. If you’re thinking about having zone controls for your house, you should give serious consideration to having a ductless mini split heat pump installed.

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