Arrange for an Energy Audit This Fall for Great Future Savings

The fall may not provide Phoenix with much relief from the heat of the sun, but even a small change in the weather is a good time for you to consider improvements for home performance. The best way to discover how to boost your home’s energy performance is to contact the Magic Touch Mechanical team an schedule an energy audit.

This isn’t just our suggestion! The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that all homes have an energy audit done to locate places where improvements can save them save the most energy during the year.

The best way to conduct an energy audit isn’t through a “do-it-yourself” guide found on the Internet, while this is a starting point, they never identify the “big” problems. You simply can’t get enough answers about your home’s energy waste, the performance of your air conditioning and heating system, and places where your house is gaining or losing conditioned air through leaks, unless you contact professionals with the sophisticated testing equipment needed, the proper certifications, and proven experience fixing thousands of Phoenix area homes.

Want proof we can save you money? Here’s a recent E-mail we received from a client who is on-track to save 40% on his utility bill over the same month last year! And this is very common, not just one exception!

lower power bill

If you live in Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, or elsewhere in the Phoenix-Metro area, the energy audit professionals for the job are right here at Magic Touch Mechanical! Since we are “Preferred Contractors” for SRP and “Certified Contractors” for APS, you are eligible for hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in free rebate money from both utility companies when you use us to inspect, detect, and correct energy efficiency and comfort issues within your home.

We’re not only skilled energy auditors, we also handle numerous home performance improvements, including:

Duct SealingAir leaks along ducts can account for a loss of up to 30% of the air inside them. Our team can seal ducts to restore the integrity of your heating and cooling system.

HVAC Load Calculations We’ll make certain that you have a heating and air conditioning system that matches the comfort demands of your house—without energy waste. Our technicians will perform a careful and thorough heat load calculation to take care of this.

Insulation InstallationIf we discover your home has leaks in its thermal envelope, we can provide the insulation to close up those leaks. We also install radiant barriers to keep heat from entering through the roof of your home during hot Phoenix days.

WeatherizationWhatever temperatures your home may face, trust to the Magic Touch Mechanical experts to weatherize by locating and sealing the areas of your home with major air leaks. Most people are surprised when they learn about where the air leaks (infiltration and exfiltration) in their home actually are…probably not where you think!

Contact us today for answers to any questions that you may have about energy audits and home performance services in the Phoenix area. Our technicians can answer any concerns you may have, and explain the other services we offer for improving your home’s energy savings around the year.

Call (480) 855-8789 and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with scheduling an energy audit!