3 Problems Your Ductless Air Conditioning System Might Run Into

One of the major advantages of using a ductless mini split system to provide cooling to your home is that the lack of ducts means there’s potentially less that can go wrong. Leaky and clogged air ducts can create numerous problems for an air conditioning and heating system, but with a ductless mini split you’re free from these worries.

You’re not free from all worries, however. Ductless systems can require many of the same repairs as a standard central air conditioner, as well as some that are specific to the way they are laid out. Below we’ve listed some of the ductless AC issues you may notice. Call our technicians when you think something is wrong with your ductless mini split system, and we’ll be there to fix it.

  1. Leaking condensate behind the air handlers: If professionals installed your ductless system, the air handlers throughout the house will be securely fastened to the walls with special mounts. But there’s always a danger that leaks in the condensate line that removes moisture from a unit might start to seep between the air handler and the wall. The damage to the wall can lead to the air handler ripping free or the mount coming loose. If you see any of the air handlers in your home “sagging,” call our repair technicians.
  2. Thermostat errors: Each of the air handlers has a separate thermostat control, which networks into a central control. This is a different arrangement from a conventional AC, which only has a single air handler and thermostat. Thermostat wiring trouble can lead to one of more of the air handlers working incorrectly.
  3. Damaged motors: Ductless systems use small motors to power their blower fans in the air handlers. If a single air handler stops sending out conditioned air, it might be due to a burnt-out motor (or a failed motor capacitor). Fortunately, it’s an easy job for technicians to handler repairs in a single air handler, and you won’t lose comfort in other rooms—another great advantage of a ductless mini split system.

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