A Guide to Changing Your Home’s Air Filter: Why, How, and When

Replacing your AC’s air filter. You know it should be done, but let’s be honest; you only think about your air conditioning unit when it breaks down. Once you find where the filter is located, how do you know how to remove and replace it? Does it even really matter? Let’s be clear about something: […]

Is Air Conditioned Air Escaping Through Your Fireplace?

There’s more to air conditioning efficiency than just SEER ratings. (SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). After all, what good is a high efficiency AC unit if air is escaping through deficiencies in your home! Many air leaks aren’t obvious, and some are overlooked even though they’re hidden in plain sight – like your fireplace. […]

Improving Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

  As summer months get closer, many people here in Phoenix start thinking about their home’s air conditioner. Will it be able to handle the job of keeping the house cool as the temperatures climb into the 100’s? Or, as we’ve seen in recent summers, the 120’s! Of course, it’s critical that your air conditioning unit that […]